About Us

Hey all,

I’m Marsha Farrell…. wife, mom, daughter, sister and newly known as a small business owner!  I started Towel it up! just this year when looking for work I could do from home that coordinated with carpool, school activities and my husband’s busy schedule.  The only problem was that I knew I needed help to create the quality towels I had in mind.  So I reached out to my neighborhood friend and ally, Mary Lou Tirpak who not only taught me how to properly thread a needle, but quickly became as excited about this business as I was.  Together we embellish and embroider these towels in our homes in Raleigh; coming up with new color combinations, product lines, and of course sewing our hearts out!  Soon the demand for our products grew and we incorporated our daughters, Abby (mine) and Courtney (hers) to help with sewing, cutting ribbon, wrapping, etc.  So as our little business grows, so does the bond between friends and moms/daughters!

About The Product

I’m a golfer…some might argue that, given my scores, but when I golfed I found myself sweating and sticking to the golf cart seats in the summer!  Not knowing who was sitting on that seat before me! , I started sitting on a towel.  Problem was, it kept sliding off the seat.  So I decided to make a towel that would fit on the seat by hooking over the cart handles.  Then afterward, I used it to clean my clubs, and threw it in the wash when I got home!  Turns out the towels are warm and soft on the seat in the winter as well, so now we have a year-round item!  I can’t imagine golfing without them.

We took them to the beach where we have a golf cart that we use to get around and found they were great to keep the seats sunscreen and sand free!  Take them off your cart and throw them over your beach chair…then use them to wrap up with on the way home!

Speaking of the way home, my daughter found another use for her Towel it up! on the way home from the pool.  Covered in sunscreen and not wanting to sit on the leather car seats, she draped the towel over the headrest of the car seat and created a new use for Towel it up!  They can be used as automobile seat covers for return trips from the pool, picking up sweaty children after sports games or practices, or for your pets to sit on while in the car.

So what was born as a golf cart seat cover has developed into so many additional uses!  Thus the phrase, “Choose your use!”  And also, “Choose your color” should apply as we offer these towels in over 20 different color and ribbon combinations.  We only show a few on our website, but make custom color combinations when requested.

Customer Service

We hope you’ll enjoy looking over our site, and really hope you’ll order one or more before you leave us!  Please use the contact form or like us on Facebook to let us hear from you concerning our products.  We make every effort to ensure that you’re thrilled with your purchase. Thanks for taking time to visit and check back often for new product lines to come!

Busy Toweling it up,

Marsha Farrell

Towel it up!