Big News for Towel It Up!

Many of you know that we take great pride in making all of our seat covers by hand.  As much fun as this is…as our business continues to grow (thanks to our many customers) we find ourselves struggling to meet production demands for tournament orders.  For this reason, we began the search for a production facility, here in NC if possible, that would take just as much care and pride in making our covers as we do.

Just as I’ve said times before since starting this business, anytime we run into a wall and wonder how we’re going to get around a roadblock…a path opens up for us.  This time was no different ; )   Thanks to a mutual friend, we began conversation with Lee County Industries in Sanford, NC to help with our production.  Lee County Industries is a non-profit organization that supports manufacturers and small businesses by providing subcontracting services.  Their primaryemployee base is individuals with disabilities.  This is the most wonderful connection we could have asked for.  After only one meeting with their staff, I knew this was our future.  The entire staff at LCI is as excited about our seat covers as we are!  We have been blessed with experienced seamstresses that hold the quality standard we set in place for our product, and truly enjoy helping us grow our business.

I’m so excited that we are able to continue production not only in the USA, but in our home state, just a few short miles away!  And the new friendships I’ve made at LCI have not only enriched my life, but allowed us a path to follow and who knows what else is in store for Towel it up!

Thank you all for your continued support of Towel it up!  It’s a pleasure and a joy to have met so many of you, by phone or in person!  Stay tuned for new products and colors coming soon…

Busy Toweling it up,

Marsha Farrell and Mary Lou Tirpak

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