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As we begin to thaw from the frigid winter, we look forward to opportunities to showcase our products to willing audiences! We’ve attended three ladies golf league kickoff events…my personal league at my home course of River Ridge, and two EWGA (Executive Women’s Golf Association) events at Devils Ridge golf course in Raleigh and Mid Pines golf course in Southern Pines. Our golf cart seat covers were a hit for those that had not seen them before, and we had several sales from previous customers! It was so good to spend time with those that have love for the game! Such a great group of women!

Today finds us just home from the weekend in Florence, SC where we attended the Palmetto Women’s Show.
We made great friends and sold towels to not just golfers, but also those that own golf carts at their beach properties in Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City, etc. We also made great contacts for our custom golf cart seat covers as tournament gifts in upcoming company and college golf tournaments! We also got digits and names of the member event coordinators at various golf resorts in Myrtle Beach who we’ll contact for possible interest in stocking our custom golf cart seat covers in their pro shops!

So Towel it up! is gearing up for a great season! We currently have custom orders for our seat covers for 4 member-guest tournaments from all over the country! We embroider the name of the tournament and club logo on the towels and they make unique tournament gifts for the players! So keep us in mind if you have an upcoming golf tournament…we’d love to be a part of it!

Meanwhile, back to the sewing table to crank out more of our special towels!

Busy toweling it up!




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